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Audi Service Arrow IMN | M-Spec PerformanceAudi Check Engine Light Service in Queens and Long Island

Does your Audi currently have a “Check Engine Light” on the dash? The Check Engine Light indicates there may be a problem with your Audi. The team at M-Spec Performance have expert technicians with years of experience with Audi. We can pinpoint the problem and recommend the right fixes and repairs to get you back on the road in the least amount of time. We have been serving the Audi community of Queens and Brooklyn for over 10 years.

Does the Check Engine Light mean that something is really wrong with my car?

The Check Engine Light is an indicator light for various, literally over one hundred different possible problems your Audi may be experiencing. Various sensors in your Audi are always monitoring the health of your vehicle and when there is a problem, the check engine light tells you the driver that service may be needed. The Check Engine Light being on also does not allow your Audi to pass New York State’s emissions testing.

My Check Engine Light is on, what should I do?

Since the Check Engine Light comes on for various different reasons, it is important to understand what is physically going on with your Audi. If nothing has changed other than your check engine light turning on then you should be safe to drive your Audi until you can have it conveniently serviced. If your Audi is shaking, having loss of power, hard starting, stalling, or having electrical problems, we recommend to give us a call immediately so we can walk you through with the best advice.

Will fixing my Check Engine Light on my Audi cost a lot of money?

It is impossible to determine what exactly is causing your check engine light to turn on your Audi without seeing the vehicle. Think of your Audi and a sick patient and M-Spec Performance as the Audi doctor. It’s kind of like telling your doctor you feel sick. Your doctor would have to examine you before he can properly diagnose your illness. Before we could give you any answers we would have to examine your Audi to determine the proper repairs needed.

To ease the anxiety of our clients, we offer a Complimentary Consultation for your Audi. Within this consultation one of our expert technicians will preliminarily inspect your vehicle and also scan for fault codes stored. Client Advisers will speak with you on your options for repairs or if need be, further testing. We offer this Complimentary Consultation free of charge.

Can I just show up or do I need an appointment?

We believe in giving each of our clients the right amount of our time to properly diagnose and repair their vehicles as well as provide excellent customer service. For that reason we book all of our appointments ahead of time. Depending on case by case basis we do make ourselves available in emergency situations. We are always here to help so if you are interesting in speaking to one of our Client Advisers we can be reached at (718) 395-6095 or if you are ready to make an appointment you can click here.