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Audi Engine | M-Spec PerformanceAudi Direct Fuel Injection Cleaning in Middle Village and Lindenhurst, NY

If you own a late model Audi your car is most likely equipped with direct fuel injection. You might notice a TSFI on your engine cover which stands for, “Turbo Fuel Stratified Injection” or better known as direct injection.  Direct injection technology allows vehicles today to run more fuel efficient which saves you money at the pump and helps the environment. Unfortunately over time you may see a drop in fuel mileage as well as performance from your high performing Audi. This is most likely due to carbon build up along the intake runners and on the intake valves. An inherent problem with direct fuel injection over time and mileage is excessive buildup of carbon. This will rob your Audi of performance and will eventually cause other such problems as a check engine light and misfire conditions.

M-Spec Performance are Experts in Direct Fuel Injection Cleaning

What can you do before your Audi becomes another victim of carbon build up? Active prevention is the solution. At M-Spec Performance we recommend to perform a Direct Fuel Injection cleaning every 40,000 miles. Our expert technicians use only factory level equipment as well as the latest service techniques to properly clean your intake valves. Many shops not equipped to handle such a service will simply try and scrape off the carbon build up with a pick or a screw driver. We employ the use of blasting equipment to gently and properly clean your intake valves and runners. This method employs the use of fine walnut shells which will not harm your Audi’s engine. This professional service is the only way your Audi should be treated!

Courtesy Vehicle Inspection and Inspection of your Fuel System

Along with all of our carbon blasting / Direct Fuel Injection services we also include our famous courtesy digital inspection! This is a 40 point inspection by one of our expert Audi technicians that inspects your engine, brakes, suspension, lights, battery and much more. We also take a deeper look into your fuel system to ensure that everything is performing in top shape. We want to make sure we are giving your Audi a clean bill of health when leaving us!

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