At M-Spec Performance our team strives to provide customers with the highest level of professionalism and quality of work. In order achieve this each member is sent to training throughout the year where they build and develop new skills. Service advisers are trained to provide you with unrivaled customer service and piece of mind knowing that your car is in the best hands. Their knowledge and ability to clearly explain the needs of your vehicle is what we constantly work on improving. All of our technicians come from accredited schools and have varying ASE and factory certifications. We take it upon ourselves to make sure our technicians are very talented and have the willingness to grow and adopt our company’s work ethic.

Our technicians and service advisers alike have a passion for the automotive industry that goes beyond their career, it’s their lifestyle. As lifelong enthusiasts there is no other industry they rather be in! At M-Spec Performance we work on bringing together like minded individuals and establishing long lasting relationships with not only our team but the community as well. Aside from keeping our skills and values at the highest levels, we aim to improve the image of the automotive industry.

"Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results." --Andrew Carnegie

Meet the team

Adam LiuPresidentBio
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Adam LiuPresident

When Adam was 12 years old he went to a shop with his mother and didn’t like the way she was being treated by the salesperson and owner. He felt they were being dishonest and taking advantage of her. From that day forward he decided he would eventually have a shop of his own where customers would be treated with respect and provided with the highest quality of workmanship. 9 years later Adam’s dream became reality and he opened his first shop in Glendale, New York!

Today, Adam is the owner of three auto repair shops located in Queens and Long Island. He constantly strives towards providing better service and the betterment of those around him. His efforts have not gone unnoticed as you can read about him in quite a few automotive publications.

He is an overall automotive enthusiast and has been driving BMWs for over a decade. His favorite car is his 2016 M3 where he traveled to Munich, Germany to pick it up. Aside from his love for cars he is also an Avid Knicks fan. His favorite player is Anthony Mason and he even attended his basketball camp as a child.

Eddie HwangTechnical DirectorBio
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Edward HwangTechnical Director

Eddie is the co-owner and shop foreman at M-Spec Performance. His passion for BMWs started in high school and only progressed from there. He always loved working on his first car, a 92’ BMW 325i. After high school he enrolled and graduated top of his class from NYADI as an automotive technician. In 2006, Eddie and his best friend Adam decided to open up their first shop in Glendale, New York.

Today, Eddie is the guy everyone is looking for. His knowledge in all European makes and models is unrivaled. Not only does Eddie give valuable advice to technicians and service advisers but he loves to speak with customers that want to learn more about their car. Get ready to learn something new everytime you speak with him!

Outside of being an automotive fanatic, he is also crazy about Star Trek. His favorite captain is Kathryn Janeway, from Star Trek: Voyager. On his free time he enjoys camping, hiking and being outdoors.

Phil ManzoClient ManagerBio
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Phil ManzoClient Manager

Phil joined the team in 2007 and is one of the shops original members. He is now the service manager and extremely knowledgeable in all things Euro. In order to keep up with auto trends he attends annual seminars and classes to improve his skills. You will often see him in our shop wearing his signature snapback Rangers hat. If you’re looking for expert advice about your car, he’s one of the best in the business!

Born and raised in Queens, he’s all about New York sports teams. He is a big time Yankees, Giants, Rangers and Knicks fan. His favorite player of all time is Derek Jeter. You can always guarantee an intense conversation and analytical breakdown of last nights win or loss when you see him in the morning.

Michael CatarataClient ManagerBio
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Michael CatarataClient Manager

A honors graduate from Lincoln Technical Institute, Mr. Catarata got his first start in the automotive field at Volkswagen. After several years at Koppel VW, Michael achieved the status of master technician. In 2015 Michael joined the team at M-Spec Performance as its resident Volkswagen and Audi specialist. In 2018 Michael was promoted to Manager at Essential Auto Care, our sister location that specializes in American and Asian vehicles. Michael still lends a hand at M-Spec and is our go to resource for all things related to Volkswagen and Audi and is ASE certified.

Mr. Catarata is one of the friendliest faces you’ll meet and in his spare time loves to work out and enjoys outdoor activities. He has recently taken up the “gentle art” of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and when not in the shop you can find Mike hitting the mats working on his arm bar.

Renzo CastilloMaster technicianBio
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Renzo CastilloMaster technician

Renzo is our resident master certified Mercedes Benz technician and AMG specialist. He has 12+ years experience in the automotive industry and is one of the most knowledgeable technicians out there. Repairing and diagnosing some of the most complicated issues on cars for over a decade have truly made him a master of his craft. His list of credentials doesn’t stop there, he also graduated from St. John’s University with a degree in computer science. The knowledge and experience he offers his colleagues helps create a highly motivated and professional environment.

It’s a no brainer to say the guy is an avid auto enthusiast as he frequents many automotive festivals and industry functions. He also loves motorcycles and enjoys going for a long ride on his Suzuki GSX-R. Renzo has not only chose a career in the automotive industry, but has a lifetime passion for it as well.

Stephen GrubberTechnicianBio
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Stephen GrubberTechnician

Coming to the ring at six foot four inches tall is our resident giant and wrestler Steve. Steve was a highly sought after security personal for many of New York City’s high end venues. After wanting a career change he decided to take his lifelong hobby to the next level and immediately enrolled at Lincoln Tech. He is one of the newest and hardest working members, literally willing to break his back for the team.

Steve is a connoisseur of sorts and enjoys fine wine and a good hand rolled cigar. He is a great guy to have bbq’s and is an expert on smoking brisket. He loves wrestling and and even trained in the ring when he was younger. His favorite wrestler is Mick Foley.

Zach BowmanService AdviserBio
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Zach BowmanService Adviser

Zach Grew up in the Poconos, Pennsylvania and had grand dreams of moving to the big city one day. Once he graduated with a degree in english and communications he decided it was time to give New York a try. After a few unfulfilling jobs he decided to start a career in an industry he was passionate about. Since he was a teen he always liked tinkering around with his first car, a 95’ Ford Probe and wanted to take his hobby to the next level. He is now a service adviser and one of the newest members of the team.

He has a passion for European vehicles and recently bought a Fiat, Abarth. He looks forward to vacationing in Europe and visiting Rome sometime soon. In his free time he enjoys playing tennis and golf. He also likes to read and you can often see him reading on his lunch break. His favorite book is “The Return of The King”.

Christian MartinezTechnicianBio
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Christian MartinezTechnician

Christian has worked on cars since he was 16 years old. His family members have owned shops and taught him about the trade since he was young. He was always fascinated with engines and transmissions and taught himself how to work on them. Working on his first car, a 96’ Honda Civic is when he decided to take his passion to the next level. After a few years of working on friends and family cars, he enrolled in Lincoln Tech and graduated as an automotive technician.

Christian is not only a certified technician but a Taekwondo second degree black belt and a father of 2. His strict work ethic has allowed him to develop many skills that benefit himself and the team. The guys sometimes show off their “kung-fu” moves to impress him and everyone has a good laugh. He also loves video games and his favorite game is Battlefield 4.

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