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Benz Alignment | M-Spec PerformanceYour Mercedes Benz Wheel Alignment Experts in Middle Village, Queens / Brooklyn and Lindenhurst, Long Island

Is your Mercedes Benz not driving straight anymore? Are you experiencing uneven tire wear? Is your steering and suspension feeling off lately? If your answers are yes to any of these questions then let M-Spec Performance perform a complimentary Alignment Quick Check for you. We specialize in wheel alignments for your Mercedes Benz.

What can a wheel alignment on my Mercedes Benz do for me?

Your Mercedes Benz experiences the harsh roads and potholes of the Queens or Long Island streets. A vehicle with a bad alignment can wear out tires and steering/suspension components prematurely. Misaligned vehicle can also cause your Mercedes Benz to dart from left to right on the uneven road and cause a “pulling” effect when trying to steer straight. To restore the comfortable ride to your Mercedes Benz, a wheel alignment is recommended every 6 to 12 months. 

The M-Spec Performance difference in wheel alignments for Mercedes Benz

Wheel Alignments anywhere I go is the same right? Wrong. Wheel alignments, especially on Mercedes Benz, are actually very complicated procedures. Most shops you go to may advertise that they can perform a wheel alignment for your Mercedes however many times the equipment and technicians are not capable to perform the correct alignment. At M-Spec Performance our technicians are trained and certified in steering and suspension systems. With the understanding of how the system works, we can properly perform a wheel alignment to exact Mercedes Benz factory specification. 

The Best Wheel Alignment Machine in Middle Village, Queens and Lindenhurst, Long Island

Great technicians need great tools to get the job done right. At M-Spec Performance we employ only the most cutting edge and factory level equipment. The Hunter Hawkeye Elite Aligner is the top-of-the-line alignment machine in the industry today. It is also certified by Mercedes Benz of Germany. The Hawkeye Elite allows our highly trained technicians to perform the most accurate wheel alignment possible for your Mercedes Benz.

Alignment Quick Check at M-Spec Performance in Middle Village, Queens or Lindenhurst, Long Island

Let our team of professionals assess your wheel alignment needs for your Mercedes Benz with an Alignment Quick Check. We can perform this service for you complimentary which will give you an exact print out of your current alignment settings. Our Client Relations staff is ready to go over the alignment check with you and answer any questions. If you are ready to let us help please give us a call or schedule an appointment here