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Volkswagen Oil Change | M-Spec PerformanceVolkswagen Oil Change in Middle Village, Queens and Lindenhurst, Long Island

Oil Changes are the most basic service every person knows that their Volkswagen needs. However, what is little known is that Volkswagens has very specific oil requirements set out by the manufacturer. If you have been going to a general repair or a quick lube you might be seriously damaging the internal components of your engine! We are happy to say we are the Volkswagen Oil Change Experts in Middle Village, Queens and Lindenhurst, Long Island.

Is there really a difference in Oil? Will it harm my Volkswagen?

The best answer is “Yes!” there is absolutely a difference in type, grade and specification of oil. In the mid -1990s, Volkswagen introduced their own specification for oil. Since then there has been a classification system based on year and model for which oil is to be used. Many times general repair shop and quick lubes are unaware of this or do not consider replacing your oil with the right oil to be important. The job of Engine Oil in your Volkswagen is both to lubricate and cool internal engine components. Over time the wrong type of oil will cause premature wear of the engine from the inside out! We know that you care about your Volkswagen so at M-Spec Performance we always follow manufacturer’s guidelines.

Complimentary Vehicle Inspection with Every Oil Change Service

Another difference and benefit we provide with all of our Oil Change Services is our M-Spec Performance Complimentary Vehicle Inspection. Our Complimentary inspection allows our expert Volkswagen technicians to visually inspect areas in your vehicle such as the engine, transmission, suspension, brake system, lights and fluids. Many times our technicians can save our clients a lot of time and money by catching repairs and maintenance needs before they become a big problem! One of our experienced and friendly Client Relation staff will be more than happy to go over the inspection with you. Giving our clients peace of mind for safe and reliable driving is our goal!

Courtesy Shuttle Service at M-Spec Performance

Busy schedule? No problem! For all of our clients we try to make it as easy as possible to service your vehicle with us. We provide a courtesy shuttle service to anywhere within a reasonable distance. We can also provide a concierge service for our more discerning clients.

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