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Yearly Archives: 2018

New Performance Parts For Your Audi!

New Performance Parts For Your Audi!

Middle Village, New York, Audi APR Performance Parts

Experiencing Issues With Your The Volkswagen Jetta

Volkswagen Jetta, Middle Village, New York   The Volkswagen Jetta is one of the most common cars on the road and you will always see a few in our shop on any given day. They are the perfect vehicle for car enthusiasts and the casual driver alike. The Jetta’s build is rather simple and may not require complicated repairs compared to other European counterparts. However, each car is different and could suffer from minor to major complications at any given time. At Essential Auto Care we have encountered some common issues over the years that are specific to the Volkswagen Jetta. Our certified technicians knows the ins and out of your Jetta and will have your car road worthy in no time!   Common Issues With The Volkswagen Jetta Direct Injection/Carbon Build Up Carbon build up can lead to multiple issues that affect driveability. To read the full article on the effects of carbon buildup please please read the full article ... read more

BMW X5, First Generation (2000, 2006)

The X5 Specialists The BMW X5 was first released in 2000 with the chassis code E53. This was BMW’s first SUV and there are currently 4 generations of the vehicle on the road today. With over a decade of experience of working on the X5 we have become familiar with a wide array of problems that occur with this particular model. At M-Spec Performance we are the X5 experts with the ability to solve any issue you may be facing! Don’t hesitate to give us a call and ask questions! Below is a list of common issues we have encountered: First Generation X5 (2000-2006, E53)   GENERAL FIRST GENERATION ISSUES: -Door handles(outside door handle carrier) -ABS/DSC module failure -Oil leaks -EHC failure (if equipped) -Failing crankcase vent systems(air oil separator) -Transfer case and servo motor failure if equipped with Xdrive -Rear subframe bushing failures ENGINE SPECIFIC ISSUES: 3.0L inline 6 -Engine wiring harness failure ... read more


BMW , X5

Carbon Build Up and Cleaning

Carbon Build Up and Cleaning

Are You Experiencing Carbon Build Up? Carbon build up is an issue in newer cars with direct fuel injection and are particularly severe on BMWs and VWs. Waste from fuel will eventually build up large amounts of carbon build up on the intake manifold, restricting air flow. When airflow to the engine is restricted the vehicle will begin to show an array of issues.     What are the symptoms? -Drivability and engine issues -Service engine light -Engine shaking or vibrating -Misfires   -Vehicle doesn't feel as strong   How to clean carbon build up In order to clean the carbon build up the intake manifold needs to be removed and thoroughly cleaned using various methods. Once the intake manifold is removed it undergoes a combination of mechanical cleaning such as media or walnut blasting, and chemical formulas. Additional parts may be needed such as hoses and gaskets while performing this service. This cleaning is extremely important and many customers have sa ... read more

The Essential Snow Storm Checklist

The Essential Snow Storm Checklist

New York City has seen its fair share of snow this winter. Make sure to follow this check list and you'll be sure to weather any storm! Battery Make sure the battery has been functioning properly and is fully charged. The cold weather may affect its performance, reducing its cranking power. If the battery hasn't been changed in years and is showing signs of weakness, replace it immediately. Windows Maintain visibility at all times.  Fill wiper fluid in order to wipe away salt, dirt and mud. Wipers Replace your wipers every 6 months or so.  Transmission Avoid overworking your car. If your car is stuck in the snow and you're slamming on the gas to get it out, your transmission light might go on. Shoveling your car out instead of trying to slam through a mountain of snow may save you an unnecessary trip to the repair shop. Oil Engine oil can be affected during the cold weather. Make sure you ar ... read more