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Monthly Archives: July 2019

Dinan Exhaust And Springs For The G30 540i

Dinan Exhaust And Springs For The G30 540i


BMW Cooling System Maintenance

Maintenance and Repair, Queens, New York   BMW Cooling System Maintenance   Making sure your BMW’s cooling system is working correctly is extremely important because it affects how your engine performs. If working correctly the cooling system will prevent your BMW from overheating and regulate temperature over a long period of time. Sometimes leaks may occur or a part is broken and the integrity of the system will be compromised. Routine inspection is necessary to make sure there are no issues and that your engine is still running optimally. Keeping up with preventative maintenance will ensure the longevity of your BMW’s engine and save you from costly repairs.    Preventative Maintenance In addition to making sure all of the cooling components are functioning properly, keeping up with regular fluid flushes will help maintain the longevity of these parts. Below is a list of items that should be checked during each inspection: Radiator The BMW ra ... read more