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Mercedes Brake Service

3 Year / 36,000 Miles brake service    (Excluding Wear & Tear)

At M-Spec Performance we often perform Mercedes brake services. Keeping up with brake maintenance on your Mercedes C300 will dramatically improve the safety and longevity of the brake system.

When should I come in for a brake service?

-If you feel your brakes are making a noise or react differently when pressing the pedal, immediate repairs are recommended. Repairing issues quickly will reduce the chance of future complications to other brake components.

-Preventative maintenance is still the best way to avoid this and inspecting brakes the next time you visit a shop is advised.

M-Spec Performance, offers a comprehensive brake service for all Mercedes models. The Mercedes brake service includes a multi point digital inspection where the customer will receive pictures, email and technicians notes on the status. Below are a few of the most common items replaced during brake maintenance:

Mercedes Brake Pads Replacement in Middle Village and Lindenhurst - M-Spec Performance

Brake Pads

Replacing brake pads are the most common repair done on your brake system. Many brake pads are designed to make a noise with wear over time. This squeal will gradually increase and indicate the brake pads need to be replaced.

Mercedes Brake Rotors Replacement in Middle Village and Lindenhurst - M-Spec Performance


The rotor works together with the brake pad and shows similar signs of wear. A vibrating brake pedal is an indication the rotor may need to be replaced. Routine inspections of the brakes will ensure the rotor works as intended.

Mercedes Brake Fluid Flush in Middle Village and Lindenhurst - M-Spec Performance

Brake Flush

Brake fluid is a necessary component of a vehicles brakes. These fluids will be checked during a brake service and will be flushed accordingly. A brake flush will remove existing fluid and moisture and replace it with clean fluid. If the old fluid is not flushed it will leave your brakes feeling spongy and not as responsive. This flush is recommended every 2 years.

At M-Spec Performance, the premier European service facility, every brake service is comprised of a full digital inspection in order to maintain the integrity and safety of your vehicle. Our state of the art service equipment and ASE certified technicians will diagnose and repair any issue you may have. Do you think your Mercedes needs a brake service? Call us today to schedule a service!